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In today’s world there is growing need for security. Balance Security Services Limited was established to fill this need. We are here to provide superior and exceptional security services whether it is private homes, industrial complexes, office buildings, hotels, stadiums, warehouses, utility or transport facilities or government buildings and so forth.

Balance Security Services Limited is licensed to operate as a category “A” private guard company under section 1(1)(b) of the Private Guard Company Act of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Our Desire

Our desire is to give our clients peace of mind by providing the highest security services possible and to do these, we have qualified and well-trained personnel who understand that the Clients’ need comes first. We have a large database of reliable and well-trained security personnel available for deployment at short notice. We know what it takes to keep you and your business safe, but more importantly, we know how to add value to your company by providing superior customer service and attention to detail. Furthermore, we strive for long- term relationships with all our clients and we consciously work for a better solution.


At Balance Security Services Limited, we keep abreast with general and specific developments within the security industry nationally and we take into cognizance international trends and Clients’ needs in this regard. We are committed to keeping several steps ahead of the most sophisticated of security threats.

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Team Spirit

We offer a dynamic global working environment with training and development opportunities tailored to employee’s functions. Our employees are well trained, properly equipped.


Our Services

We offer our customers innovative solutions and first class services for the protection of people and properties. These Include, but are not limited to, the following;

Guard Services:

  • VIP Protection
  • Provision of Body guard
  • Provision of security guards for suburban residential areas such as hotels, shopping mall, residential building, beaches, parks, etc.

Protocol Service:

  • Meet & Greet (Airport pick up and drop off)
  • Armed Police (Mopol)
  • Journey Management (Escort: Secure Convoys – lead, principal & chase vehicles)
  • Vehicle for lease or hire (including bullet proof vehicles)

High Tech Security Services

  • Supply, Installation and Maintenance of CCTV Camera
  • Electric Doors
  • Security Alarm
  • Access Control
  • Supply of Security Accessories Such as Body Scanner, Under Car Bomb Detector, Pepper Spray, Walkie Talkie, Etc.

Dog Handling Unit:

  • Training and supply of security dogs
  • Development of security dogs for day and night duties

Equipment Leasing:

  • Security vehicles, Boats and other Marine equipment.

Security Equipment:

  • Hand Held Radios
  • Metal Detectors
  • Bomb Detectors
  • Security Cameras
  • Flash Light
  • Stun Guns
  • Security Recorders
  • Telescopic Cameras
  • Asset Tracking, Vehicle Tracking, Personnel Tracking
  • Fleet Management
  • Assess Control System
  • Perimeter Protection System
  • Closed Circuit Television System
  • Electric Fence
  • Alarm/Intrusion Protection (Monitoring & armed response)
  • Fire Alarm
  • Oil & Gas pipeline monitoring
  • X-ray machine, Scanners, Metal detectors, Boom barrier, Turnstiles, and Automated gates

Solar Grid Integrated Street Lights

4000 Lumens LED, 60W Solar Panel, Lithium-ion battery, Aluminum Alloy, built-in light sensor
The Solar Grid Integrated Street Lights are the next generation of Solar Street Light Systems. All of the components including the Solar Panel, Lithium Ion Batteries, Charge Controller, Light Controller, and Light Sensor etc. are housed inside a single Aluminum body. The integrated design not only makes the fixture aesthetically pleasing but it also makes installation and maintenance extremely easy. All you need to do is install the fixture on a pole or on a wall – no wires to run, no digging for batteries and no installation of panels.

Powered By Lithium-ion Batteries
This Integrated Solar Lights have all components integrated into one fixture .The Integrated Solar Lights are powered by Lithium Ion Batteries, decreasing charging time, provides maximum depth of discharge enabling longer run times and reduces self-discharge.

Security Training

  • Patrol Officer Qualification (POQ)
  • Asset Protection Officer Qualifications (APOQ)
  • Security Supervisor Qualification
  • Commander’s Course
  • Armed Response Training
  • Control Room Training (CCTV, tracker & alarm monitoring)
  • Hospitality Course


  • Private Investigation
  • Security Adversary Services
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Survey
  • Risk Management


Our Clients

Whether your home or business is large or small, we offer a wide range of comprehensive security to suit your needs and budget.

Our list of targeted  clients are quite extensive and includes numerous Housing Estates, Multi- national Oil companies, Oil servicing Companies, Hospitality Establishments, Businesses , Shopping Centres, banks, Individuals, Homes, schools and so many others.

Our Vision

To be a formidable force in hi-tech security services with global experience built on social value that creates an excellent brand.

Our Mission

To offer our customers needs-focused security solutions that gives them the greatest possible benefits.

Our Core Values

At Balance Security Services Limited we believe in the following values which serve as a yardstick for every employee’s professional, customer-focused conduct:



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Lagos: Block G, Federal Housing Estate, Okemosan, Ipaja, Lagos State.
Telephone: (+234) 08113951666, 08113951662, 08113951663
Email: info(at)balancesecurityltd.com

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